Why visit the embassy when visa Vietnam can be availed through the online visa sites?

One can get a visa to Vietnam from the Vietnam embassy as and when it requires but it takes a longer time to issue from such kind of government bodies. There comes the visa Vietnam has to offer. It is often called Vietnam visa online or visa on arrival. The VOA is an online merchant site backed up by the government approvals which helps the travellers by issuing them a temporary slip of immigration that will allow them to fly to Vietnam and upon arriving in the country, the same traveller is handed with a permanent document of the visa that the traveller had applied for online from his/her home country.


Things to consider before applying for visa Vietnam

To apply for a VOA, the applicant must make sure that the passport has at least 6months of validity from the date of arrival to Vietnam and also to make sure that the passport has blank pages to get stamped on else the applicant is instructed to issue a new passport. It is to be noted that the visa on arrival is only applicable to the applicants and travellers who wish to arrive in Vietnam by air. It is also to be highlighted to all the travellers traveling to Vietnam that, he/she will need to carry the Vietnam immigration approval document and must be produced at the counters for verification purposes and for availing the original document of the visa.


How is visa from the Vietnam embassy different from visa on arrival?

The Vietnam visa application made through the Vietnam embassy or from the visa on arrival online merchant sites are both same. They make us of the same visa application paper works, the same features as one would see being used in the embassy and also the same stamping fee. The only basis of difference is that the online site for visa Vietnam approval charges an extra amount of service charge which is negotiable or the huge amount paid for the trip to Vietnam.