Receive approval letter for your visa much faster through Vietnam visa service

Generally, if you apply for a visa, your approval letter takes 5-6 days. However, getting it through services like Vietnam visa service is faster and cheaper at the same time. You only have to follow some procedures that such services require you to.

Fill the application form for your visa at Vietnam visa service

On opting for such services, you have to follow four simple steps to get your visa. The four steps in the order of time are:-


  • Fill the online application form and submit.
  • Make online payment through cards like MasterCard, Paypal, etc.
  • Receive your approval letter.
  • Get your visa stamped at visa landing counter of airport.

Apart from the fact that you get visa easy and fast through such services, another attached advantage is that your payment for application is received only after your application is confirmed by such services. This makes applying for your visa 100% safe. To know more about such services, you need to visit the homepage of their websites.